Introductory Kit

Introductory Kit
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Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Friday, Right?

Wow! What happened to the weekend? We have been having so much fun getting together some mini kits for you!

We have been overwhelmed by the response to the introductory kits and we are excited to see what you think of the new mini kits.

Mini kits:


Math Sorting Game (includes sorting mat and one package of colorful candy)
Color Song
Small Motor Writing Activity
Surprise Color Playdough Activity
Rainbow Art Activity
Color Snack Idea Card
(this kit does contain stable shelf life food items. allergy alert: gluten)


Positional Words Pumpkins Rhyme Card
2 Pumpkin Song Cards
Halloween Cat Art Activity
Chocolate Chip Ghost Story with Visual Aids
Frankenstein Shapes Art Activity
Pumpkin Sequencing Cards
Halloween Snack Idea Card

Aaaaannnnndddd......each mini kit is only $15

AND, if you buy both of them together it is only $25

How fun is that???

Simplify your life with these educational,fun activities!

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